Musings of a Liberal Malcontent

Here are a few of my definitions to help you understand my view and what I mean when I use these terms.


Value efficient, responsible, quality government that serves fairness and equality of opportunity. Those two items should work together, and I often find objective fairness provides an important check on strict, statistical equality in many instances. I believe the best way to achieve such a government is through a strident reform of capitalism; a top-down cleansing of the current system, on par with the aggressiveness of Roosevelt's trust busting. I do not consider myself a socialist, and I do not consider liberalism and socialism to be the same.

The Democratic Party

Our best hope. A third party is almost nonsense in the best of times and total nonsense in this era, as divisions are too acute to do anything but immediately reward the party that doesn't splinter. So change must come from reshaping the Democratic party. And to date the party is still majority moderate and highly incentivized by special interests. The most recent figures show the liberal segment of the party at about 45% and liberal politicians at slightly under 40%. Compare this to a Republican party roughly 70% conservative among voters and almost certainly quite higher among politicians serving the donor class.


See the world in quantities and are oriented, by their nature, to conserve or expand what they've got even at the orchestrated expense of others - be it in economics, education, race, gender or anywhere people can gain or lose. In their view, life is a foot race and any attempt to regulate that away is fantasy. Therefore they feel justified in doing whatever they need to win no matter what or how.

American Politics 2.0

The current hyperpartisan era of politics in which we currently live, where old expectations easily give way to new standards. Established with the rise of the Tea Party in the 2010 midterm elections and normalized by a pro-brinkmanship, win-at-all-costs Republican party.